You + Love = Balanced and Beautiful

And all of this I flick away; Hell cannot
smirch me; much that costs me dear would not bother a
different fibre, and some that I swallow with mild distaste would kill an athlete.
I carry my pain and loss and broken dream, but
balanced by love and unmeasurable aid from all
my race, and Schubert wrote for me.

This is but one verse of a poem that holds a lot of meaning for me. The author, Mel Thistle, later goes on to write one of my favourite lines,

“And every atom and star that I have disturbed remains affected.”

In one simple phrase, a sense of incredible power bubbles inside of me. I think it is important to notice all the fingerprints we have left behind us – in others or in places long forgotten. And much like the power in that one line, the verse above is an explosion of inspirational energy.

If we are balanced by love, nothing can cause us lasting harm. Let’s never forget the power that we have inside of us – the power to perhaps help balance someone else’s life by love.  

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